Twine is a student information and learning management system built for the unique needs of private K-12 schools. Twine is so easy to use, it will quickly get your school’s staff, students, teachers and parents enthusiastically engaged in learning excellence.  

A beautiful online community with an intuitive interface that students and teachers adore. It has sparked collaboration and new ways of interacting in online/offline blended learning.

teacher toolsTeachers rave about Twine

Twine slashes their paperwork and magnifies their productivity. It puts teachers in control by speeding up tasks and facilitating the learning process.  Whether a teacher wants to plan a lesson, share materials, interact with parents, post notes, create reports or answer questions—Twine makes it a breeze and ties everything together in one place. Request a demo to see this!

student toolsTwine helps students

Reach students wherever they are!  Kids love Twine because it brings a sharp new focus to their school life.  Twine is like a social media site, so they check it frequently on school computers and on their family’s mobile and home computing devices.  As you will see in the demo, kids can seek help from teachers or classmates, access assignments and course materials, and get reminders on things they need to do.

school management for staffTwine enlightens the staff

School principals and administrators rely on Twine for instant answers:  How many students and teachers are absent today? What field trips are planned? What adults are authorized to pick up a child? Which students need updates to their vaccination records? Create your own school-wide analytics. Click on anything and drill down for up-to-date details. Distribute news and memos in seconds, not hours. And when a parent calls to check a child’s progress, Twine gives you a 360-degree view of the student’s grades, attendance, behavior and engagement. Best of all, Twine is integrated — you get learning management and student information functions, all in one “spool”!  

parent portalsTwine ties a special loop for parents

How can you get parents more actively involved as partners in their children’s academic progress—without adding to teacher and staff workloads?  Twine keeps parents in the loop on daily agendas, grades, attendance, activities, projects, homework, field trips and more.  Now every parent can be involved and see how their child is doing every day. Our demo will show you Twine’s “parent power!” 

Success is easy - and guaranteed!

We are confident about Twine being a success for schools, and you should be too. That's why we offer this Unconditional Guarantee for all our clients:
  • If at the end of 12 months you are not completely satisfied we will refund all costs