Ways to combat math summer slide

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While keeping students active and learning during the summer is something that can make a big difference in knowledge retention, it can be difficult to find ways to incorporate the skills students need to practice into their regular summer routines. These three tips can help keep math fresh in students’ minds without making them sit and do drill and practice … Read More

How will you plan your school’s yearly schedule?

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If you’re thinking about how your school year will be structured at your new school, there’s a chance you’ve been thinking about how to set up semesters or other terms to best meet the needs of your students. Scheduling is one of the most challenging logistics your school will encounter as far as operations go, so spending some time thinking … Read More

Ways to combat summer slide in reading

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Summer Slide is the term used to describe the potential loss of learning gains students suffer during the summer months while schools are closed. Without intervention, these “slides” can result in students being grade levels behind in reading over time. Here are three easy ways you can help your students keep sharp, even when school is not in session:  

Get your school’s website started in 4 steps

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Whether you already have a school or you’re just starting up, an engaging, modern website is an essential part of your school’s marketing and communications. It allows you to show potential families what you’re all about and provides an easy way to share information with current parents and students, as well as interested community members. On the other hand, having … Read More

10 steps to starting your private school

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Whether you’re just beginning to daydream about starting your own private school or you’re ready to take the plunge, there are a lot of considerations for you to make. Want to be sure you’re not missing any important steps? With these 10 steps, you can be on your path to owning and running the school of your dreams. Need more … Read More

Twine selected as one of Feedspot’s Top Teacher Blogs

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We are thrilled to be featured on Feedspot’s list of Top Teacher Blogs.  Feedspot maintains incredibly detailed lists of top blogs and bloggers across many different industries, connecting readers with the content they’d most like to see through email digests, subscriptions, and similar services. We are honored to be included on this list and we look forward to providing more … Read More

Transitioning to online learning for your private school

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course builder

Last updated: 3/16/2020 With COVID-19 concerns looming, many schools and school districts are looking for ways to move to online learning to support efforts to limit social interactions and the spread of disease, while not creating a disruption to students’ academic pursuits. To that end, we’ve developed this guide to help schools implement online learning. Getting students connected  Infrastructure is … Read More

Uniform or no uniform: that is the question!

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A NCES survey showed that more than half of all private schools in the US require uniforms as part of their dress code. There’s no official rule that says private schools have to adhere to a uniform dress code, but often administrators at private schools choose to do so. So, what’s your plan for students: uniforms or no uniforms? Here … Read More

How schools can help end cyberbullying

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stop bullying

What is cyberbullying and why is it important? Cyberbullying is any unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and that takes place over digital devices. It includes sending, posting or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else and can sometimes cross into unlawful behavior, according to StopBullying.gov. Cyberbullying is … Read More