How students gained a half-grade in just weeks

Gary FalconBlended Learning

A team of researchers from several US universities recently demonstrated that students learn best when classroom learning is augmented with online access to materials and discussion. This approach, often called “blended learning”, improved student test scores by nearly 5 points – half of a letter grade – over a period of just a few weeks. The controlled study looked at scores for … Read More

Getting the most from student portfolios

Gary FalconProduct Features, School Management

As the school year starts many teachers are looking for new ways to approach old lessons. Student portfolios, already a classroom staple for teachers, are a great place to start. In the traditional classroom, portfolios might consist of a three-ring binder with dividers, each section designated for a different type of assignment or unit in the course. They allow students … Read More

4 tips for making this school year the best one yet

Gary FalconSchool Management

Before students fill classrooms with pencils, books, and tales of summer adventures, school staff and teachers return to prepare for the new year. In only a couple short weeks – or less – teachers have to set up the classrooms, have team meetings, and get everything ready for students to arrive. Is your school ready for the new year? Here … Read More

Best practices for implementing professional learning communities

Gary FalconSchool Management

Professional Learning Communities are one of the most common ways for teachers to collaborate and work together to strengthen lessons, review new research or trends in education and improve curriculum. Research shows that students can significantly benefit from their teachers’ participation in these groups and the improved instruction that comes as a result. In the life of a busy teacher or administrator, … Read More

Student information systems: the basics

Gary FalconSchool Management

Whether you are just starting up a new small private school or you’ve grown to a size that is hard to manage by hand, you’ve probably heard about the myriad computer software options that are out there for your school. SIS, LMS, email, clouds – there are a lot of things out there to research and learn about. In this … Read More

Make learning personalized by using an LMS

Gary FalconLearning Management

One of the most difficult parts of planning lessons and curriculum for the classroom is differentiation of material for students with different learning styles, different levels of content mastery, different ELL status – the list goes on and on. Ultimately, as teachers and administrators, you want what is best for your students, but it is not always easy to juggle … Read More

5 features of an LMS you won’t want to live without

Gary FalconLearning Management

A learning management system can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and has many different features. One thing they should all have in common, though, is making it easier for school administration and teachers to engage students and their parents in the learning process by keeping things organized and easy to use. A great LMS goes beyond just the standard … Read More

5 tips for successful project-based learning

Gary FalconSchool Management

Research shows that Project-Based Learning leads to better long-term retention and skill development, as well as has higher levels of both teacher and student satisfaction than traditional teaching approaches. Experts in education also say that PBL helps students make connections to the real world, which helps students better understand why they are learning the things they are. What is Project-Based Learning? Project-based learning … Read More