Great software helps community building and parent outreach at Arbor School.

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For large schools with hundreds and hundreds of students, it makes sense that they need learning and student management systems for record keeping and communications in one place, but it might not be as obvious why smaller independent schools need similar tools. In addition to organizing a multitude of aspects of school life, the learning management system (LMS) has tremendous … Read More

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a New LMS

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Looking for a new learning management system? Choosing an LMS is time-consuming and represents a significant investment for your school. It’s crucial to find a good fit for your students, teachers and parents to ensure maximum ROI. Your LMS is the centerpiece of classroom and information management. Every school has its own unique requirements, and determining what your school needs … Read More

Getting Girls into STEM: The Power of Blended (and All-Female) Instruction

Gary FalconBlended Learning

  Via EdSurge “Many teachers now run paperless (or nearly paperless) classrooms, giving them back hours of extra instructional time. Many flip lessons, using videos, websites, and digital presentations rather than traditional lectures. They hold online discussions, offer design challenges and genius hours, and share feedback digitally. “ Read More…

4 Tips for Deploying an LMS in a Private School

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Today, learning management systems play an essential role in private school classrooms. An LMS is an invaluable tool that enhances teaching and learning outcomes, and also helps schools create beneficial and supportive relationships between teachers, administrators, parents and students. Schools should choose a LMS based on the school’s unique pain points and how an LMS can solve their problems. An … Read More

Why You Should Be Teaching Digital Citizenship

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Insights from TeachThought about the importance of teaching digital citizenship. An increasingly important skill in the modern world.     by Paul Barnwell, Teacher of English & Digital Media   Students buzzed about the latest uproar on Instagram. Anonymous sources had posted a “questionable”–and NSFW–list for multiple public schools in our city on Instagram, leading to distraught girls, viral Twitter reactions, … Read More