Research shows social media impacts student success

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Looking for ways to improve student and parent communication, as well as student engagement and performance in your school? The answer has been at your fingertips all along. A new study suggests that students are not only willing to interact with their teachers online in social media spaces, but are motivated by these interactions. The study, which compiled previous research from the … Read More

How to meet higher expectations as a smaller school

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When talking with leaders at smaller private schools, we sometimes hear that they aren’t sure they need robust systems for school management and communications because they are dealing with smaller populations.  They assume that because they aren’t dealing with hundreds or thousands of families they can get by with less formal record keeping and ad-hoc family outreach. In fact, the smaller your … Read More

Why your school needs to be social

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Social media is an undeniable part of the lives of your students, parents, and even teachers. That’s why Twine provides a communication experience that mimics the look and feel of social media. Twine is for your school life what Facebook is for your personal life. Having school management software that looks and feels like a social media site has myriad benefits for … Read More

Don’t give parents a Portal

Gary FalconParent Engagement

A lot of school management systems include a parent portal — a small opening or window through which parents get a narrow view of information selected for them. Although this is an okay start for getting parents involved in your school, what your parents truly want is to become part of your school community with access to so much more than what … Read More

Focus on these 5 areas to increase student retention

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Student recruitment and retention are some of the most important indicators of successful schools. And of course without students, there is no school. Finding great students and families – and keeping them from year to year – truly hinges on one overarching concept: establishing an environment of open communication where families feel they are an important part of the school … Read More

The 10 most important qualities in online course materials

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In a paper published in the Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, researchers from the Netherlands have established 10 major characteristics of online course materials that help improve student learning. The researchers compiled and analyzed data from 24 different experiments and studies, looking specifically at online and blended learning course materials and how student performance was affected by the presence or absence of … Read More

The best of both worlds: how a combined SIS/LMS can benefit your school

Gary FalconLearning Management, School Management

In previous posts we explained some of the major features found in two common types of school administration software: student information systems and learning management systems. (If you’re not sure what you need, our checklist can help.) What many schools find is that they need or want the features of both systems, but don’t want to deal with the daunting task of finding multiple vendors and juggling different systems … Read More

Is your student data safe and secure?

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An important question facing all schools is how to collect and store student information. Many small or new schools start by using spreadsheets for student data, controlled and maintained by a staff member, and manually updated as needed. Although this is easily implemented, it can carry security risks, and become difficult to manage once the school has grown and there … Read More

Work smarter and keep parents happy with 2 new features from Twine

Gary FalconProduct Features, School Management

You may be familiar with many of the ways Twine helps keep parents in the loop, from class news and activities to school announcements, schedules, student grades, and more. For schools that want to take the next step, we recently added our Advanced Parent Communications option, providing two powerful new tools: Parent-teacher conference scheduling Many schools ask teachers to coordinate face-to-face … Read More

Make grading more efficient with Twine

Gary FalconProduct Features, School Management

For most schools, grades are the primary way to track their most important objective: student performance. Yet, too often the inefficient process of grading takes too long for teachers, doesn’t provide school administrators with the insight that they need and want, and isn’t available in a timely fashion to keep students and parents informed of progress. A school administration software like … Read More