Share, revise, and reuse lesson plans at the click of a button

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Summer is upon us, and teachers and administrators everywhere are celebrating having some time to unwind, reflect on last year, and plan next year’s lessons. What if your teachers could retain their lesson plans in a digital format year after year, and share them with other teachers? You’d have more time to enjoy summer, more energy to revise lessons, and … Read More

What is better than social media for school communications?

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Want to incorporate social media into your classroom, but have reservations about sharing your personal life with your students? You’re not alone. We recently wrote about a new study that demonstrated several benefits to teachers and students interacting in online social environments. The study found improved student-teacher relationships, increased academic motivation and performance, and positive impact to student resilience, empowerment, and commitment. … Read More

Is your student data safe and secure?

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An important question facing all schools is how to collect and store student information. Many small or new schools start by using spreadsheets for student data, controlled and maintained by a staff member, and manually updated as needed. Although this is easily implemented, it can carry security risks, and become difficult to manage once the school has grown and there … Read More

Work smarter and keep parents happy with 2 new features from Twine

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You may be familiar with many of the ways Twine helps keep parents in the loop, from class news and activities to school announcements, schedules, student grades, and more. For schools that want to take the next step, we recently added our Advanced Parent Communications option, providing two powerful new tools: Parent-teacher conference scheduling Many schools ask teachers to coordinate face-to-face … Read More

Make grading more efficient with Twine

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For most schools, grades are the primary way to track their most important objective: student performance. Yet, too often the inefficient process of grading takes too long for teachers, doesn’t provide school administrators with the insight that they need and want, and isn’t available in a timely fashion to keep students and parents informed of progress. A school administration software like … Read More

How you can make extracurriculars easy to manage

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Your classroom and lesson plans are ready, students have arrived, and the school year is finally underway. As everyone gets settled into their routines, there is still one big hurdle for staff, teachers, and families alike: setting up school clubs and organizations. Decades of educational research have made the connection between student involvement in extracurricular activities and increased educational performance. As a … Read More

Getting the most from student portfolios

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As the school year starts many teachers are looking for new ways to approach old lessons. Student portfolios, already a classroom staple for teachers, are a great place to start. In the traditional classroom, portfolios might consist of a three-ring binder with dividers, each section designated for a different type of assignment or unit in the course. They allow students … Read More

Make report card season stress-free

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Take a deep breath – you made it! The end of the school year is here and summer is so close you can taste the chlorine from the pool and burgers on the grill. There is one last hurdle standing between you and summer break: Report cards. For many schools, report card time is one of the most logistically challenging … Read More