Embrace one of these alternative grading systems in 2018

Gary FalconSchool Management, Teacher Resources

There are so many things that make private schools great, special, and unique. One of the things we hear schools promote when talking to us about what they have to offer is alternative systems for student assessment. As educators, it is easy to understand that the learning process is complex, messy, and difficult to summarize with just one letter. Letter grades are … Read More

Types of Schools: a Primer

Gary FalconSchool Management

As someone thinking about opening a school, you’ve probably spent some time reading through rules and regulations and trying to determine the best first steps in your process. One thing that can be tricky is knowing all of the different types of schools and what distinguishes them from one another. Some of the differences are pretty nuanced! We’ve created this guide … Read More

Give your teachers and faculty a whole-student view

Gary FalconLearning Management, School Management

One of the things that is so important in education is consistency and continuity in how students are taught. Each year, teachers and staff make connections with students, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and find novel ways to reach that particular student. But, in many cases, the next year teachers start from scratch, almost negating the work the previous teacher … Read More

Simplify your school’s clubs and organizations with this tool

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With only a few more weeks left until school starts, you’re probably starting to think about how to make this year run more smoothly than the last. Outside of their regular teaching duties, one area your teachers can focus on is dealing with student clubs and organizations. As it stands, in most schools, students join a club or organization at … Read More

Gradebooks and report cards and transcripts, oh my

Gary FalconLearning Management, Product Features, School Management

These tools are so fundamental – and seem so straight-forward. Yet too often schools spend countless hours compiling grades, filling out spreadsheets and forms, building report cards in Word or Excel, and having no insight into overall school performance until the end of the term when often it is too late to intervene.  What if there were a better way?  … Read More

Calendars are key to keeping students organized and parents happy

Gary FalconParent Engagement, School Management

One struggle every parent has experienced is helping their kids stay organized and on top of their school work, clubs, and activities. Between color-coded planners, dry erase boards on the refrigerator, and notes on top of lunch boxes, your school’s families have probably tried just about every method of staying on top of their varied schedules. With an LMS like … Read More

Using flexible seating to make your classrooms truly student-centered

Gary FalconSchool Management, Teacher Resources

Picture a classroom. Chances are, you thought of nice wood desks in perfectly straight rows with a teacher at the front of the room with a chalkboard or whiteboard, right? Supporters of flexible seating might tell you that that is an old-fashioned classroom and doesn’t fully explore the possibilities of a 21st century school.  The idea of flexible seating—allowing students to … Read More

Bring strategy to your student retention efforts with these 4 tips

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As the last grading period of the school year gets underway, one thing many school administrators are thinking about is enrollment for next school year. It is never too early to put thought into student retention – after all, the financial benefit to your school of retaining a student vs. bringing in a new one is significant. Here are four … Read More

Simplify teacher evaluations with an LMS

Gary FalconLearning Management, School Management

Evaluation season is here! Yes, it is that time already – the time where you frantically take notes while teachers demonstrate their teaching ability in one or two class periods. Days, weeks, even months blur together in a sea of paperwork and classroom visits and you begin to question how many teachers your school really employs.  Okay, maybe there is … Read More