McGraw-Hill announced recently that they are discontinuing access to Engrade effective June 30, 2019.

For private schools, academies, and charter schools seeking a replacement, Twine offers not just a replacement for Engrade functions, but a substantial upgrade!

Twine’s easy onboarding and one-on-one customer support are unbeatable.

Your school can be up and running in just two weeks.

An easy transition: meeting all requirements

Core features

Step one in finding a suitable Engrade replacement is ensuring your teachers can continue doing everything they need.

Twine provides updated tools for everything Engrade provided, including:

  • Gradebooks combining sophistication, flexibility, and unmatched ease of use including customized grade scales, rubrics, standards alignment, comments, and more

  • Attendance so simple it takes just moments to complete, with front-office notifications, reports and more

  • Calendars which present custom views for every user, consolidating events at the school, class, and group level and enabling a quick check for conflicting assessments and student workloads

  • Discussions within any class or group, enabling question & answer forums, group work, and sharing of presentations, multimedia, and more

  • Lesson plans allowing allowing individuals or groups of teachers to create, import, share and re-use course content

  • Report cards customized to your school’s needs, including teacher submission, administrative review, and publishing online and/or to paper

  • Online assessments for both summative and formative testing

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A great transition: doing more than before

Modern tools for modern times

A direct Engrade replacement represents only half of what is possible! Not only does Twine provide tools that are easier to use than the old ones, we provide a true one-stop for private and charter schools, with features beyond Engrade including:

  • Mobile app access for parents, students & staff, helping to keep everyone in the loop easily and conveniently

  • Rich content sharing allowing teachers to easily post photo galleries, share videos, embed lessons from publishers and more

  • Groups to support staff discussion and professional development, parent committees, and student activities from arts to athletics to special interests.

  • Student portfolios to showcase exemplary student work and progression over multiple years

  • G-Suite for Education and Office 365 integration easing administration and allowing staff and students to directly access contents of Google Drive and OneDrive

  • Content integration allowing staff to present content from publishers and open-source repositories, using industry standards such as SCORM, Common Cartridge and IMS Global LTI

  • Service project tracking to help student accountability for volunteer community service work study goals

  • Emergency alerts ensuring a quick way to reach all parents should urgent communications be required

  • Online admissions making it easier for families to apply for your school and reducing manual data entry as students enroll

  • Website management helping you attract students and easily keep your website up to date and professional

  • And Much more!

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Once we decided to go with Twine I was pleasantly surprised as to how quick and helpful they were in getting us started. It really exceeded my expectations.
— Syed Balkhi / Bayaan Academy

An amazing transition: going beyond expectations

Great software is only one part of a great transition.

That’s why at Twine we pair every customer with a dedicated onboarding specialist who will guide you through setup, data import, and training for both administrators and staff.


Get started with confidence and teacher enthusiasm!

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School management


Operate efficiently with a one-stop-shop for student enrollment, class schedules, communications, report cards, and more.

Increase insight with powerful data dashboards to view school-wide information, and in-depth student panoramas for individual performance.

Improve staff connections with internal-only discussion and announcement boards, professional learning communities, and resource sharing.

Parent communications


Drive parent satisfaction by making it simple to get connected, see the whole picture, and interact with staff when needed.

Help parents support their kids with access to teacher notes, handouts, lessons, assignments, and classroom materials.

Simplify scheduling & approval processes with simple online forms such as permission slips, policy acknowledgements, and volunteer sign-ups.

Online classrooms


Increase student engagement by making classes more flexible, authentic, and interesting. From project-based learning to peer teaching, project work, or just extending class discussions, students thrive when interacting online.

Save teachers time by giving them one place to share lesson plans, keep parents & students informed, and answer questions so they can focus on doing what they love: teaching.

Ensure safety by providing a school-managed, academically-focused site for class and school activities. Data mining? Advertising? No way!



Invite more applications by making it simple for parents to apply online from any device.

Eliminate filing and sorting of papers when deciding who to accept; you and your staff can easily compare applications and enroll students.

Save time and reduce errors by capturing student and parent data right into your school management platform, eliminating manual data entry.


website image.JPG

Attract the right prospects with a beautiful website that represents your school professionally.

Keep content relevant & current by selecting events and news articles you’d like to make public, right from the master school calendar.

Get started with minimal effort with an experienced helper to guide you in building a great site.

Community building


Support staff and teachers with dedicated groups for discussion, professional learning communities, and sharing of school-wide information.

Help students thrive and connect with groups to support extracurricular activities and clubs across athletics, arts, and special interests.

Engage parents as a community, or as committee members, chaperones, and advisors supporting school events and activities.

Twine is perfect for private & charter schools

Choose the Twine plan that best fits your school’s needs


Twine Essentials includes our core suite of school management, parent communication and online classroom tools, at our most affordable price.

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Our most popular package, Twine Complete provides additional tools to help with communications for both prospective and current families.

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For schools requiring advanced capabilities, Twine Custom lets you design exactly what you need with purpose-built data analytics and other services.

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