school websitesAttracting the right propsects

First impressions are everything. For most prospective families - as well as potential staff - your website creates the first impression for your school. That website needs to be clear, professional, well-organized and accessible on any browser, phone or tablet. Twine websites provide all this and more, making it easy to tell your story and attract the people who will become your school community.

Making your admissions process easy for parents is just good business sense. Sure, you could ask parents to download an application, fill it out offline, and scan it, fax it, or send it back via snail-mail. But all those extra steps are just roadblocks  that will reduce your applicant pool.

Having a complete online process makes it simple for parents to ask questions and apply online. Equally important, with online applications there's no filing and sorting of papers when deciding who to accept; you and your staff can easily compare applications, enroll students, and then move those students seamlessly into the full Twine school management platform once you open.

admissionsAligning leadership

As you are working toward school opening, you and your leadership team of advisors and key staff need to exchange ideas and collaborate on all the tasks and decisions facing you. With everybody's busy schedules, leadership teams benefit when they have a centralized, secure online venue that promotes discussion and can be used to share updates, poll for opinions, store documents, and coordinate activities. In fact, the more opportunity your leadership team has to work together and develop a shared vision, the stronger your school will be when it opens.

Just as Twine provides collaborative social classrooms once you've opened your doors, we open Twine to your leadership team right away so they can take advantage of Twine as a secure intranet for planning and operations.

parent portalsTwine keeps things together

Schools can start using Twine Startup during school planning for as little as $50 per month, including school websites, online admissions, and leadership intranet.

When teaching begins, schools move seamlessly to the full Twine Complete or Twine Enterprise, selecting the subscription plan that best fits their needs. 

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