Whether or not you’re a current Twine customer, there’s no reason you should have to create everything from scratch. We’ve assembled a few resources that we hope will make it easier for you build and run a private school that families rave about.

Starting a private school

If you’re considering opening a private school, start here. Our comprehensive guide to starting a private school takes you through what you need to know, including: budgeting, branding, marketing, curriculum, funding, associations and resources, and much more. We’ve even compiled state-specific requirements & regulations for all 50 US states.

School website planning guide

Creating a great website for an independent school takes planning and the right tools. Our School website planning guide takes you through everything you need to consider, from target audience and messaging to visual appeal, site navigation, layout, sample content, and more. Download your copy…

Selecting school management software

Choosing school management software can be challenging, especially if you've not done it before. Let this checklist guide you through the process, including 5 key questions designed to making sure you're considering all your needs, and to help determine whether you’re in need of an LMS, and SIS, or a combination of the two. Download your copy…

Sample style guide

Style guides set standards for how you'll represent your school brand visually. If you’re developing a new brand or thinking about how to use existing branding more consistently, this sample guide can help. Download your copy…

Ready for more?

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Thinking about launching a new website or online admissions process? Ready to improve parent communications, streamline operations and add a great online experience for students? We’d love to hear about your plans and see how Twine can help.

I can see what the teachers are assigning, and I can keep a birds-eye view on the discussion board as well. As administrator that’s been really wonderful: to see how the classes are progressing, what the overall averages in the classes are, and based on this I can give feedback to my teachers.
— Syed Balkhi / Bayaan Academy