July 25, 2018

Give your teachers and faculty a whole-student view

July 25, 2018
Gary Falcon
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One of the things that is so important in education is consistency and continuity in how students are taught. Each year, teachers and staff make connections with students, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and find novel ways to reach that particular student. But, in many cases, the next year teachers start from scratch, almost negating the work the previous teacher spent so much time on.

There is a better way, though.

With an LMS like Twine, every teacher and staff member has access to a special dashboard we call the student panorama – a comprehensive look at student progress and teacher notes from the student’s entire academic career at your school.

Teachers can leave notes about parent conferences, behavior concerns, academic strengths and weaknesses, and more. This way, teachers of other academic subjects, or future teachers, can get a glimpse of how to best help the student, making the overall learning experience more consistent from year to year.

Staff members – such as principals or attendance staff – can also access the student panorama. This can be useful, for instance, if a parent calls and wants to talk to an administrator. Now, without making phone calls or sending emails to teachers, the admin team can see what concerns there might be with the student and speak to the parent in an informed manner.

Ultimately, the goal for every school is to create an effective and positive learning environment while keeping parents happy and well-informed. The student panorama is just one of the ways Twine is helping schools make this happen.

At Twine, we are excited about helping schools, passionate about transforming learning and focused on improving student achievement. We are proud to provide technology solutions that help schools achieve their goals. Want to know more about what type of school management software might work for your school? Please download your checklist.

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