Make report card season stress-free

Gary FalconProduct Features, School Management

Take a deep breath – you made it! The end of the school year is here and summer is so close you can taste the chlorine from the pool and burgers on the grill. There is one last hurdle standing between you and summer break:

Report cards.

For many schools, report card time is one of the most logistically challenging parts of the year. There are so many details to take care of and deadlines to meet – all while trying to complete all of the regular responsibilities of running a classroom or a school.

If you’ve blocked it from your memory or just want a refresher of what report card time is like, let me give you a quick reminder:

Throughout the term, your teachers assembled grades and kept track of them using their own unique methods. They fielded questions from parents and administrators regarding student progress via email or phone calls, or letters home to parents.

Near the end of the term, they assembled all of their student data and distributed everything to the school administration. Your administrators had to ensure all the data was received and nothing was missing, reaching back out to teachers for missing details or reminding about deadlines.

Then, administrators had to collate all the marks and comments, actually produce and print report cards, and have them sent home to parents.

Sounds exhausting and inefficient, right?

What if that whole process could be simplified, leaving more time for everything else the end of the year entails?

Imagine a system where teachers can input grades as the term progresses and term grades are automatically calculated and put into a standardized form that just needs to be checked over before being submitted. Parents can see current grades at any point in the term, rather than just waiting for report cards. Administrators can see at a glance which grades are missing and remind teachers with a click of a button. Once finalized, physical report cards are produced by the system based on the school’s preferences and are easy to print out and send home. They are also available digitally for those students who “lose” them.

Ready to say goodbye to your current report card process and have Twine do all the heavy lifting? Contact us to set up a demo or get more information about how Twine can work for your school.