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We’ve compiled a list of some of the best free resources for math teachers on the web, so you can spend more time taking advantage of what’s out there, and less time scouring the internet for what you need.

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Best Math Websites for Teachers

Anyone who has ever stepped inside a math classroom knows that it can be a challenge to keep learners engaged, especially with sometimes vastly varying skill levels and interest in the subject. Luckily, there are a huge number of online math resources to help teachers who need lesson plan inspiration, professional development, fun games to get students excited about the topic, or just some extra worksheets and practice for struggling students.

Annenberg Learner

Why we like it: Teacher professional development is a constant learning process, but sometimes finding good resources is a challenge. This site provides both videos and written PD you can use to make your classroom even better.

Arithmetic Four

Why we like it: This game combines a concept most kids are familiar with (the game Connect Four) with basic problem solving. You can change the time each player has to answer, as well as the difficulty level, so it becomes a great activity for varying ages and skill levels.


Why we like it: Students love games, and Arcademics lets them play on the web, or with Apple and Android apps. There’s a leaderboard to encourage students to keep practicing and do their best, and a variety of games to choose from.

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The Calculator Site

Why we like it: Often students get hung up on how to convert units, change from decimals to fractions or use order of operations and resort to relying on their calculators to give them the answer. This site allows them to do that, but includes explanations and step-by-step instructions that explain how the calculator is getting them the right answer.

Census at School - U.S.

Why we like it: Project-based learning is all the rage right now, and this site allows students to do a Census of their class and compare their class with random samples of students, both within the US and abroad, giving them some global insight along with their statistics practice.


Why we like it: The sheer amount of learning material on this site is staggering. There are full lessons on complex topics, activities and practice problems, videos, and study guides, all of which are well-written and beautifully presented. Teachers must create a login to save and use materials.

Common Core Sheets

Why we like it: Having access to extra practice worksheets for students is always a good thing. More resources for you means less time making worksheets and more time helping students.

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Why we like it: Though opinions on Common Core are still split, in many states it is a required curriculum. This resource walks through standards, benchmarks, and has a great section to explain to parents how and why this curriculum works.

Coolmath Games

Why we like it: The name of this site really says all you need to know. These games are engaging and fun for students, making those math drills a little less painful.

Cybrary Man’s Math Links

Why we like it: Think of this site as more of a collection of resources from around the web. Although not visually stunning, the site has tons of information, all organized by subject, making it easy to find all kinds of great resources.

Daily Starters

Why we like it: Morning routines are something students thrive on, and with these daily suggestions for morning activities, you can keep your students occupied until everyone is settled and you’re ready to start the day.


  • Website:
  • Grade level / age: Grades 6-12
  • Content area: Graphing/statistics/pre-calc/calculus

Why we like it: Graphing calculators are expensive and gone are the days where every math teacher would have a class set. The abilities of graphing calculators are priceless when it comes to helping students understand complex problems without spending tons of time graphing out equations. Desmos provides all the functionality of a graphing calculator, but available on the web.

Figure This!

Why we like it: Getting parents involved makes a huge difference when it comes to student success in school. This site has fun math games and challenges that incorporate the whole family, getting everyone to work together to figure it out.

Free Rice

Why we like it: Students compete to see how many answers they get right, and for each one, the World Food Programme donates 10 grains of rice to those in need. It’s a great way to teach compassion and other social-emotional skills, while having students practice their math. Students have to have a free account to track their progress.


Why we like it: Interactive games organized by grade level make this a good resource for students to get extra practice without realizing they’re studying math.


Why we like it: Much like Desmos, GeoGebra allows students to access a graphing calculator through the web, eliminating the need for pricey calculators. This site also lets you create a login to save your work for later.

  • Website:
  • Grade level / age: K-6, primarily, with some middle school resources
  • Content area: Basic arithmetic and number skills

Why we like it: Tons of downloadable, themed worksheets, as well as professional development resources for teachers.

Illustrative Mathematics

Why we like it: Not only does this site provide Common Core activities, but each includes the standards it covers, a list of solutions, and commentary from teachers as to its effectiveness in the classroom and ways to modify the activities to better suit the needs of your students.

Khan Academy

Why we like it: The folks at Khan Academy make incredibly detailed and structured learning units with videos, written examples, and real-world examples. Their content clicks with students and is easy to understand, as well as very easy to navigate.


Why we like it: Sometimes textbooks don’t have enough examples, some students need extra practice, or we have to come up with work for students to do when there’s a substitute. This site has a great bank of math worksheets designed to give students plenty of drill to solidify their skills.

Mashup Math

Why we like it: This site has an extensive library of math video lessons, a free e-book of math brain teasers, and printable worksheets teachers can use in their classroom.

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Why we like it: These worksheets are dynamically created, meaning the site generates problems as you request the worksheet. This is a great option for students needing late work because you can create a separate worksheet with the same level of difficulty, but with different problems, all at the click of a button.

Math Central

Why we like it: Based in Canada, this site provides resources for teachers and students, including a fun problem of the month and insight into math-related careers and what it takes to get there.

Math Game Time

Why we like it: There aren’t a lot of math resources out there for preK, but this game site includes them, as well as some 7th grade topics to challenge your elementary school students.

Math is Fun

Why we like it: Games and fun activities make this a great site to send students to practice their skills in a way that is more engaging than just doing a worksheet.

Math Playground

Why we like it: The games on Math Playground focus on logic and brain workouts in addition to the arithmetic drill games you’ll find on other resource sites. Parents, students, and teachers can all create log-ins with a paid subscription, but you can access the games without logging in.

Math Teaching

Why we like it: This is another one-stop-shop for math teaching resources, from recommended blogs to suggestions for physical classroom resources and lesson planning tools.

Maths Chase

Why we like it: Drill and practice is so important when learning basic arithmetic, and this site gives students a fun way to do so. With options ranging from basic addition to more complicated division problems, this will keep your students entertained enough that they might not know they’re learning.

MERLOT Statistics Portal

Why we like it: The resources here are very thorough and include professional organizations, as well as current research in statistics and statistics education. This is an especially good resource for those looking for rigorous statistics lessons. You can also create a log in to share your resources and participate in the various online communities hosted here.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM)

Why we like it: Classroom manipulatives are incredibly useful to model important concepts but are often not in a school’s budget or are in disrepair after years of daily use. This site provides virtual manipulative that still let students play and visualize important mathematical concepts without having to provide all of the pieces and parts.

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NCTM Illuminations

Why we like it: The online activities and games available on this site are colorful, well-designed, and engaging. You can search by grade level and subject to find what you’re looking for and can see which of the NCTM standards each one corresponds with.

Numeracy Ninjas

Why we like it: Students achieve ninja belts of different colors as they progress through the program. The program is free, but requires a teacher account to track student progress and set lessons up for students to access.

PBS Math Club

Why we like it: This video blog is geared toward middle school students and covers Common Core Standards but in a way that is culturally relevant. They often include pop culture references and are written with a humorous take that engages students and brings them back for the newest episode.


Why we like it: Have you ever wanted to make a short animated video to demonstrate a concept or make an announcement to students and families? PowToon makes this as easy as writing a script and dragging and dropping elements into a video – no fancy computer knowledge needed. You can even save you videos to your account so you can use them every year.

Sheppard Software

Why we like it: This site breaks down the various math games into specific topics, making it easy to choose one on solving basic equations versus understanding shapes.

Statistics Education Web (STEW)

Why we like it: Lesson plans are great, but peer-reviewed lesson plans are even better.

Statistics in Schools

Why we like it: This site combines real-life US Census data to create free classroom activities, materials, and resources to enhance learning across a variety of subjects, all of which were created by teachers.

Statistics Teacher

Why we like it: Statistics is included in state standards for many grades, not always just as its own standalone course. This site provides articles, research, lesson plans, and activities to help you incorporate statistics in age-appropriate ways, no matter what math course you teach.


Why we like it: YouTube can be a great place to find tutorial videos to share with your students, but you run the risk of inappropriate ads or comments ruining the experience. With TeacherTube, you can still find excellent educational video resources, and save them in playlists to your personal account, but in a safe environment.


Why we like it: Educational research is a great way for teachers to continually improve their practice and become better educators. This site provides insight into what works and what doesn’t work in STEM education.

That Quiz

Why we like it: Although the site design is simple and unassuming, this site is incredible for providing students with drill-type practice. Teachers can create a log in where they can set the skill level, number of problems, and time limit, and it give you a report of your (or your students’) results at the end.


Why we like it: This UK-based site has great learning games for students, as well as lesson planning resources for teachers.

Toy Theater

Why we like it: These games are basic enough for the youngest students to play without frustration, while still developing crucial number sense and basic arithmetic skills.


  • Website:
  • Grade level / age: Grades 6-12
  • Content area: Middle school math through algebra 2

Why we like it: These video lessons are arranged by topic and course, so students and teachers can easily find everything they’re looking for quickly and have more time for learning.

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