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Saving teachers time

Time spent by teachers doing administrative tasks and answering parent questions is time taken away from students. Twine helps teachers get organized, keep parents & students informed, and spend more time doing what they love: teaching.

This is possible because Twine ties everything together in one place: from gradebooks and attendance to lesson planning, class schedules, homework, announcements, discussion, handouts, and even one-to-one communications with parents and students. All from a single, easy-to-use login that they can access from anywhere on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Meeting students where they are

Your students are digital natives. They want to be online, and are comfortable and familiar using technology to explore and interact. Use that to your benefit!

Providing a safe online classroom for your students does more than just support their in-class learning — it brings everything together in one place, drawing students in, getting them thinking more deeply, helping them connect with peers, fostering accountability, providing space to reflect, reinforcing writing skills, and much, much, more.

Making class time more flexible and interesting

Flipped Classrooms are one recent innovation, supported by online classrooms, that teachers are using to change the way class time is organized, resulting in better learning outcomes for students.

Others use online classrooms to organize project based learning, encourage and support peer mentoring, or simply as a way to poll students for understanding, allowing teachers to focus on the right content and make the best use of their limited instructional time.

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Building accountability

Consolidated schedules — bringing together school events, class schedules, homework, exam dates, and extracurricular activities — helps students learn about planning and time management.

Providing students with a simple view of what’s coming up today, this week, and next week means they (and their parents) always know what is coming up.

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Driving achievement with continuous feedback

Student performance improves when kids get timely, detailed feedback on their work.  

With Twine you’re giving students immediate access to grades, comments and observations from their teachers, so they know exactly where they’re doing well and where they need to improve.

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Making kids comfortable in school

Having questions or not understanding a concept in class can be stressful to kids.

Providing Twine to students lets them know it is safe to ask questions. With a combination of class discussion feeds and individual messaging with teachers, students are more likely to reach out for help when they need it.

Building community

Learning and connection happens outside classes, too. Help your students explore their interests, build relationships, and thrive at school using Twine groups for extracurricular activities.

Every organization, from athletics to performing arts, book clubs, robotics, and yearbook can have their own online forum for planning practices, celebrating successes, and being social — without leaving your supervised environment and taking their activities to commercial social media sites.

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Kids check online constantly after tests. We’re reaching students where they are. And they’re not in the library. They’re online.
— Taina Cote, Teacher / East Bay School
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