Happy parents are the best indicator of your school’s success.

Informed parents become engaged parents and engaged parents can supercharge your school. Once engaged, parents are far more likely to recommend your school to others and less likely to drain staff resources with complaints resulting from a lack of awareness about their children’s progress.

Here's what our customers have to say about how Twine has helped school leaders keep parents happier:

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Driving parent participation

If you want parents to know what is happening in school, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to get connected and see the whole picture.

A single login provides details for all their kids. Parents can connect from any computer, or with the free Twine app from their mobile phone or tablet.

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Reducing surprises

You don’t want parents to ever be surprised by what shows up in their kid’s report cards.

This is why Twine gives parents access to student performance and activities along the way, with a quick view of running averages in each class, and notifications for each new graded homework assignment and exam.

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Helping parents support their kids

Sharing access to teacher notes, handouts, lessons, and classroom materials means parents know exactly how to help when kids have questions at home or are struggling with an assignment.

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Turning parents into teacher advocates

When parents have easy access to their kid’s schedules they can better support teachers — helping ensure students are prepared for exams and not missing homework.

That’s why Twine presents a personalized calendar for each student, with upcoming schedules and all the events, homework and exams in one place.

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Improving parent-teacher relationships

Giving parents an easy way to contact teachers and staff means they’re more likely to reach out when there are questions, helping to clear up minor concerns before they balloon into major problems.

Twine’s simple private messaging allows parents to easily send a quick message, whenever something comes up.

Simplifying scheduling & approval processes

Your parents get just as frustrated with lost and misplaced forms as you do!

Eliminate paper with Twine’s simple online forms, which are great for permission slips, policy acknowledgements, and volunteer sign-ups. And when it is time to arrange for parent-teacher conferences, parents can use Twine to see available slots and schedule online.

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Improving school safety

School administration can update any number of parents with vital information immediately through the SMS notifications capabilities of Twine. Simply enter a message and set that message to broadcast, and all of the parent 's mobile phones you have numbers for will receive that message immediately.

I love the system because it’s a gateway into our classroom, and that’s what our parents are looking for. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about this communication tool.
— Jennifer Lee, Head of School / Fern Hill School
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