Twine makes it easy for teachers and administrators to do everything they need to do.


Coordinating student care

Your students are often served by multiple staff, including classroom teachers, arts and athletics instructors, speech or occupational therapists, and advisors. But with everybody’s busy schedules, how can they coordinate on what they observe or recommend for individual students?

Twine’s student panorama gives staff access to each student’s performance across all classes, their schedule, attendance history, teacher observations and feedback, and even examples of student work. With the ability to view all aspects of the student's journey, issues and trends can be identified and addressed efficiently.

Reducing time for record-keeping

Say goodbye to the headaches of tedious spreadsheets and paper forms, repetitive data entry, email distribution lists, and reconciling information from fragmented systems.

From daily attendance, progress reports, and behavior notes to report cards, gradebooks, permission slips and community service hour tracking — Twine makes capturing and sharing school data easy, saving time and frustration for everyone.



Measuring student performance

Help your teachers to measure student learning in ways that matter.

Traditional gradebooks are often a good fit for upper grades, so long as you’re working with a system like Twine that can adapt to the grade schemas and weighting you and your staff expect. Tools like online testing are great for both formative and summative assessments.

To get the whole picture, Twine lets your staff also capture ad-hoc evidence of learning, which may be tagged or tied to specific learning outcomes and objectives. Recording evidence is ideal when using a mastery-based approach, or for assembling sample works that can be shared with parents or assembled into online student portfolios.


Increasing insight for better decision making

Sometimes you need to see the big picture of what’s going on at your school. Who are the students who are performing best academically? How many students are struggling? Are teachers doing their weekly lesson planning? Is absenteeism and tardiness a problem?

Twine’s powerful administrator console let’s you answer these questions, with easy-to-use dashboards letting you filter and drill-down into data, from students and student performance to parent lists, class details, and more.

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Building school culture

With teachers spending most of their time in the classroom it can be difficult creating time to bring everybody together. Not only does this pose a challenge for school leadership looking to build a cohesive culture, but teachers and new staff can feel isolated or have a hard time connecting with their peers.

Twine brings staff and teachers together. The use of Twine groups for discussion and sharing of school-wide information provides a way for teachers to connect, and to feel they are part of a team. A unified culture and sense of belonging is instrumental in staff retention and performance.

Presenting yourself professionally

From your website to report cards, everything you produce is a representation of your school. Twine helps you to show who you are, with beautifully designed report cards and websites that are fully customized to reflect your brand.


Improving school safety

School administration can update any number of parents with vital information immediately through the SMS notifications capabilities of Twine. Simply enter a message and set that message to broadcast, and all of the parent 's mobile phones you have numbers for will receive that message immediately.

Information is power. Twine allows us to make quicker decisions with better information, and of course all that is going to benefit the child and their progress.
— Lori Riti, Principal / De LaSalle Academy
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