July 20, 2018

Simplify your school’s clubs and organizations with this tool

July 20, 2018
Gary Falcon
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With only a few more weeks left until school starts, you’re probably starting to think about how to make this year run more smoothly than the last. Outside of their regular teaching duties, one area your teachers can focus on is dealing with student clubs and organizations.

As it stands, in most schools, students join a club or organization at school and spend time before or after the school day – or on weekends – having meetings, going to competitions, raising money, and a slew of other activities. The club sponsor has to be there for all of these moments and is responsible for making sure parents are up-to-speed with all of the days and times their kids have to be somewhere.

This can be incredibly time consuming for teachers, who already have a lot on their plate. 

What if parent and student communication were simplified, giving everyone a clearer picture of what needs to happen and when?

With Twine, you can do just that. Teachers and staff can set up groups for any sports teams, clubs, or organizations they supervise and add students and parents to those groups. From there, communication is a breeze.

Any time an item is added to the group calendar, it automatically populates on the calendars for each student and parent who is part of the group, right alongside their homework and other important school dates. And, if there’s an announcement that needs to go out, teachers can quickly and easily ensure that everyone is getting the message by posting in the group.

Once the school year draws to a close, teachers can quickly and easily change ownership of groups to other teachers or staff members, so if you’ve got a new chess club sponsor next year, they don’t have to start from scratch and know exactly how the previous year unfolded.

Overall, groups allow teachers to work more efficiently and for parents and students to have easier communication – making everyone happier and creating a win-win situation for the school.

At Twine, we are excited about helping schools, passionate about transforming learning and focused on improving student achievement. We are proud to provide technology solutions that help schools achieve their goals. Want to know more about how Twine can improve parent communication and help teachers work more efficiently? Contact us.

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