General regulations

  • Alaska has no accreditation, licensing, approval, or registration requirements, but does permit optional accreditation processes.

  • The US Office of Innovation & Improvement has assembled a summary of regulations for private schools operating in Alaska

  • The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development has assembled a page of state forms including those required for private schools

  • Students are only considered homeschooled if all members of the school are immediate family members. 

  • There are no specific insurance requirements for schools in Alaska.

Education regulations and resources for starting a private school in the state of Alaska

State funding sources & support

Alaska does not provide funding for private education.

Curriculum requirements

Private education satisfies the Alaska compulsory school attendance law if the academic education provided is comparable to that offered by the public schools in the area.

Teacher certification & hiring

Teacher certification is required, but exemptions can be made for religious schools.

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Food services / school lunch

In Alaska, school lunch requirements, including funding for schools offering the National School Lunch Program, are managed by the Child Nutrition Programs division of the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development.

Length of school year

School years must include at least 180 days of instruction.

Recordkeeping and reports

Schools are required to submit a Corporal Punishment Policy to the State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development. The policy must be written and explain the details of its use (who may administer, what instrument is used, privacy issues). Private schools must gain written consent before administering corporal punishment. Schools must also maintain monthly attendance records, as well as permanent academic records for enrolled students.

Health and safety requirements

Private schools must instruct pupils by means of drills to safely exit school buildings in an emergency. Drills must be conducted once each month during the school term, weather permitting. The state also has the authority to ensure healthful and safe learning conditions no more stringent than in a public school.


The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development provides transportation for nonpublic school students who travel comparable distances and the same routes as public school students.


A religious or private school shall administer a nationally standardized test to all students enrolled in grades four, six, and eight at least once each year.

State and regional associations

  • Northwest Association of Independent Schools: The Northwest Association of Independent Schools is a nonprofit membership association that provides accreditation, professional development and support services to over 110 schools.

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