Watch this page grow as more private schools discover Twine.  Meanwhile, we’re including comments from users of Edsby (Twine’s “cousin” for larger school systems) so you can gain insights from their experiences. 

Florida private school streamlines communications with Twine

In December 2015, the holidays came early at The Arbor School of Central Florida. That’s when the school’s teachers and staff discovered the gift of Twine, an easy-to-use student information and learning management system.

Beforehand, the small special education school in Winter Springs, Florida, had been an unenthusiastic user of a far less friendly service. The former product wasn’t “totally terrible,” said Wendy Blair, Headmaster. It was just hard to use—and woefully lacking in capabilities, especially school-parent communication tools.

A 10-minute Twine presentation at a meeting of private school peers got Blair’s attention. “I knew right away this was the answer to our needs,” she said.

With Twine, Arbor School gained an open, free-flowing pipeline for parent communications. “We work hard to foster a great atmosphere for building each child’s self-esteem and development, so keeping parents always in the loop is vital,” Blair explained. “Whatever information they need—such as forms, assignments, or progress reports—they can get it immediately on Twine. And they really appreciate being able to interact online with teachers and staff.”

The ramp up was very easy, she said. Only a week of staff time was needed. Blair supplied student and staff information on spreadsheets, and Twine’s implementation team took over from there. No IT involvement was needed from Arbor School.

Following a short training session, teachers gave Twine high marks for ease of learning and ease of use.

“Teachers love Twine. Life is so much easier for them now!” said Blair. “They can enter lesson plans once and then reuse or adjust them year to year.”

Blair and her staff gained efficiency and capabilities, too. Content of any kind can be distributed immediately to relevant audiences, such as primary school teachers, high school teachers, summer camp staff, parents, or any combination.

Blair sees night-and-day differences between Twine and its predecessor. “Before, we had to go through multiple steps to perform a simple task or access information. Now, we just go to Twine and everything is there—no digging needed! We can have group discussions, and everything is available on mobile devices.”

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Kids check online constantly after tests. We’re reaching students where they are. And they’re not in the library. They’re online.
— Taina Cote, Teacher / Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, Florida
It’s so easy to use and an extremely powerful tool!
— Dan Mendelsohn Aviv, PhD, Jewish History / The Anne and Max Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy
I love the system because it’s a gateway into our classroom, and that’s what our parents are looking for. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about this communication tool.
— Jennifer Lee, Head of School / Fern Hill Schools
It’s the fulfillment of a wish list that I’ve had since I started teaching.
— James Stewart, Teacher / Wharton High School, Hillsborough County, FL
The system has become a permanent fixture in my classroom. It is very easy to upload documents so that students can access the documents and complete tasks in class or at home.
— Ira Glover, Teacher / Franklin Middle Magnet School, Tampa, FL
Now our educators have powerful communication tools that enable them to connect with students and parents through the web, smartphones and tablets.
— Dino Miele, Chief Information Officer / District School Board of Niagara
Now I can organize all my files and notes so that students can find anything they’re missing.
— Krista Festarini, Curriculum and Department Leader / St. Clement's School, Toronto, Canada
It’s fantastic. It’s been seamless for students due to its similarity to social media programs.
— Jeff Douglas, Teacher / Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
This product came across as the most user friendly, was easy to get going and had the best potential for growth.
— Charles Thacker, Director of Technology / Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington, New Mexico
The system has revolutionized my classroom! I use it to communicate with students and parents. I feel it helps helps my class become a real community.
— Daniel Thornton, Teacher / Brooker Elementary School, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
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