Families choose your school for variety of factors such as academic programming, school philosophy, principles, facilities, extracurricular offerings, cost, convenience, and more.  Whether families return, though, depends on the relationships they build and their sense of overall satisfaction. This is why at Twine our mission is Improving family satisfaction and maximizing enrollment. Here's how:

personalized communicationConsistent, personalized communications

Parents want to know what is happening day-to-day, what is coming up this week and next, and most of all how their child is performing. Twine makes it easy for teachers to keep families up to to date with minimal effort, and provides an easy, secure channel for ongoing group and individualized communication.

Here's what a few of our customers have to say about how Twine has helped their schools keep families happier, keeping communications between school and parents open and making everybody more successful:

efficient operationsProfessional and efficient operations

Educators need a centralized way to coordinate on the support of every child. For administrators, insight for both individual and group performance is paramount. Twine provides private schools with the centralized structures, processes, and analytics that have previously only been available to large institutions.

online classroomsRich online classroom environments

Augmenting traditional classroom experiences with online resources is critical to student success. For many students this is the medium where they are most comfortable and best able to express themselves. Twine provides schools a safe, engaging environment where students work online with teachers and peers.

parent portalsTwine ties the right size loop

Twine is sized specifically for the private and charter school market, with clients ranging from schools of just a dozen students up to 800+.  Our tiered pricing and monthly subscription plans are designed to reduce budgetary stress. Want to know more? Please request pricing based on your student enrollment.

Even more importantly, most schools see at least a 4:1 return on their investment in Twine. Want to see how this looks based on your school numbers?  Use our ROI Calculator to get a personalized report.

Success is easy - and guaranteed!

We are confident about Twine being a success for schools, and you should be too. That's why we offer this Unconditional Guarantee for all our clients:
  • If at the end of 12 months you are not completely satisfied we will refund all costs