Twine integrates everything you need to run your school efficiently and professionally, while improving communication with parents and providing secure online classrooms and groups for discussion and blended learning. Say goodbye to the headaches of tedious spreadsheets and paper forms, repetitive data entry, email distribution lists, and reconciling information from fragmented systems.  You’re nimble – wrap it all up with Twine, quickly and easily!


Connecting everyone to academic excellence

Schools are more successful when everyone - administrators, teachers, parents, and students - is in the loop on what happens at school every day.  Twine understands what each person needs, and gives them their own unique dashboard into what’s happening.  When checking their personal Twine portal from their smartphone, tablet or computer, every stakeholder immediately sees what is going on at school and can easily ask questions and get more information.

Extending community

Tools like Facebook, Instragram and Twitter have become a regular part of our personal lives. Twine extends the concept of a social network to your school, providing a safe, secure, academically-focused network where staff can work together privately on curriculum and coordination of student support; parents can be invited in to participate in organizing events and lead extracurricular activities; and students can have class discussions, ask questions of their teacher and peers, access materials, and hand in assignments.

Because Twine is social it draws users in. Where traditional stand-alone grade books and portals are only accessed occasionally, you'll find those at your school connecting to Twine all the time to stay informed and engaged.

Choose the Twine that is right for you

Different situations call for different kinds of Twine, which is why we offer Twine Startup for schools getting ready to open, with three options for established schools:

  • Twine Essentials is built to meet the needs of our most budget-conscious clients, or those who have existing websites and online admissions, providing all the essential tools to help schools succeed.

  • Twine Complete is our standard, recommended offering and includes all the essentials along with websites, admissions, parent-teacher conference scheduling, and more.

  • Twine Deluxe is designed for schools with complex data analytics needs, or those that desire a high degree of website customization or custom content integration.