Twine is a powerful, intuitive toolset that keeps a private school’s teachers, staff, students and parents fully engaged in better learning.  Think of Twine as a one-stop repository of all information everyone in the school community needs to improve each child’s learning experience. Twine makes life easier for educators, gets students energized for learning, and heightens parents’ involvement. 

Twine connects everyone to academic excellence.

Twine understands what each type of user needs, and gives them their own unique dashboard views into what’s happening.  When they log in to their personal Twine portal, every stakeholder can immediately access any information they are authorized to see, such as: 

  • attendance
  • grades
  • lessons
  • schedules
  • assignments
  • permissions
  • assessments
  • messages and reminders

Twine ties it all together for you.

Twine integrates all the key aspects of learning management and student information systems. There’s no need for private schools to suffer the headaches of tedious, repetitive data entry and reconciling information from fragmented systems.  Leave that nightmare to huge school systems.  You’re nimble – you can wrap it all up with Twine, quickly and easily! 

Twine is easy to install, as you will see in the demo,  very intuitive to use.  We’ll have you up, running, and smiling within two weeks. In fact, most Twine customers implement Twine with little or no help from their IT staff.

Twine’s little secret.

Twine is new—but it has a long history and a strong track record in education with many happy users.  You see, Twine is powered by Edsby, a learning management system popular with large public school systems.  Using Edsby’s rich functionality as a base, Twine’s founders built a totally unique offering for private schools.  

What makes Twine different than Edsby? First, Twine includes robust student information capabilities, so small schools don’t have to implement a separate system to maintain student records.  Second, Twine’s business model makes it extremely affordable for small, independent schools.