We’ve learned a few things in 20+ years serving schools. Here’s what we know:

Education matters

There is - quite literally - nothing more important to our future and our communities than ensuring every child gets the education they deserve. To play a part in making this happen for our customers is more than just a job for us, it is an honor and a calling.

Running a school is difficult business

School leaders face a crazy number of challenges. Not only are you dealing with all the logistics and concerns of running a business with budgets and staff and regulations, your success or failure has enormous stakes for your customers. Learning is complex; working with kids is different than manufacturing widgets where a fixed process gets the same results each time. And because your customers care so much about your product, emotions can run high when difficulties arise.

Simplicity is important

The best tools are those that get used. To be effective, the software you choose needs to make people’s lives easier, save them time, and help them do the things they want to do, quickly and easily. The most sophisticated and feature-rich product in the world has no value at all if nobody wants to use it.

Community is essential

Every member of every school — from teachers working in their individual classrooms finding creative ways to engage students, to staff in offices working to support the school, to parents at home and work, and even students working through challenging material — all of them benefit when they can connect with others. It isn’t just that keeping parents informed about classroom activities helps to avoid problems; making connections builds trust, and encourages partnership that results in the best possible outcomes for our students.

All of us do better when we’re tied together.

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How did we get here?

Back in 1998 we began working with schools that wanted to build community, improve learning outcomes, and streamline operations. We’ve helped our customers find and deploy the best available technologies, and served as a guide and partner in implementation, helping to drive adoption and ensure effectiveness.

With both public and private school customers, we noticed several years ago that the best developers in education were focusing almost exclusively on public school districts with large budgets. This was leaving many private schools behind, with old, clumsy, difficult-to-use legacy systems; or having to cobble together solutions from multiple consumer-grade or single-classroom tools designed for individual teachers. Our small, focused team decided we could do better, leveraging the best platforms available but scaled for individual schools, with professional services to match.


Twine was born as a result, tying together everything we had been doing over the past decades: school websites, staff intranets, parent communications, online classrooms, assessment, report cards, transcripts, and more. All this, wrapped up in a clean, easy-to-use package that’s just the right size for private schools.

Twine increases efficiency, it increases connectivity, and accountability. Everything is so visible and everyone is provided the same information in real-time when they need it — and that is so helpful for making informed decisions.
— Sarah Barrow / De LaSalle Academy
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