Ways to combat math summer slide

Ashley BellomyBlended Learning, Learning Management, Teacher Resources

While keeping students active and learning during the summer is something that can make a big difference in knowledge retention, it can be difficult to find ways to incorporate the skills students need to practice into their regular summer routines. These three tips can help keep math fresh in students’ minds without making them sit and do drill and practice … Read More

Don’t believe these 4 misconceptions about blended learning

Gary FalconBlended Learning

As blended learning has received more attention in recent years we’ve seen  more misconceptions and assumptions arise. Want the truth? Raymond Steinmetz, a middle school math teacher and blended learning advocate, wrote a blog addressing just such misconceptions. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Blended learning isn’t the same as online learning – As Steinmetz explains, the important part … Read More

6 easy steps for flipping your classroom

Gary FalconBlended Learning

The way we learn today is incredibly different than previous generations. With the internet at our fingertips, we’ve got unlimited access to most, if not all, of the information that exists. Today’s students are definitely influenced by this move toward self-directed learning, which likely accounts for the rise in popularity of flipped classrooms. In case you’re not familiar, flipped classrooms … Read More

Open your new school with a cutting-edge blended learning curriculum

Gary FalconBlended Learning

One of the many exciting parts of starting a new school is envisioning what you want the day-to-day activities in your classrooms to look like. One approach that is making big headway is using blended learning to enhance and improve the traditional classroom experience. By combining in-class and online activities in a variety of ways, teachers and administrators can create … Read More

Blended learning models your teachers may not have considered

Gary FalconBlended Learning

As blended learning continues to gain popularity, you may be wondering how your teachers can incorporate it into your school’s classrooms. Maybe you’ve read our past blogs on how to build out an initial blended learning initiative, how flipped classrooms can benefit students and teachers,  or how you can ensure success with blended learning at your school but you’re not exactly sure those approaches fit … Read More

4 considerations for your blended learning program

Gary FalconBlended Learning

As a teacher or administrator, you probably have realized that incorporating blended learning into your classroom or school is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of thought and deliberate design that goes into choosing how each teacher and/or school utilizes blended learning. In fact, recent studies have revealed that blended learning design has 4 major challenges to consider: … Read More

Make your teachers flip over flipped classrooms

Gary FalconBlended Learning

Last week, we told you about some great guidelines established by academic researchers on the subject of flipped classrooms. While that post is chock-full of great advice for helping students transition to a new form of classroom instruction, faculty and staff need help transitioning too! Check out the Hong Kong University researchers’ tips for addressing faculty challenges and operational challenges … Read More

5 researcher-created tips for helping students adapt to flipped classrooms

Gary FalconBlended Learning

In previous blogs, we talked about the different types of blended learning scenarios you can use in your school, including flipped classrooms, or flipped learning. With flipped learning, students have pre-lesson activities to do at home – reading or watching videos to prepare. This allows teachers to use class time for projects, activities, and assisting students one-on-one with difficult concepts, rather than … Read More

3 ways to ensure blended learning success

Gary FalconBlended Learning

If you’ve been following our series of posts on blended learning, you may be anxious to jump right in and start reaping the benefits of incorporating online learning components into your classroom. One thing to keep in mind is that there’s more to blended learning than just putting some assignments on an online portal and calling it a day. Effective … Read More

How students gained a half-grade in just weeks

Gary FalconBlended Learning

A team of researchers from several US universities recently demonstrated that students learn best when classroom learning is augmented with online access to materials and discussion. This approach, often called “blended learning”, improved student test scores by nearly 5 points – half of a letter grade – over a period of just a few weeks. The controlled study looked at scores for … Read More