Private schools love Twine! It’s their one-stop shop for school management, websites, parent communications and online learning.


Twine keeps everyone fully engaged in the learning journey - and always connected on their mobile or desktop devices.

student toolsStudents see their schedules, assignments and course material. They can interact with classmates and teachers in a familiar Facebook-like portal, totally safe from the public Internet.

teacher toolsTeachers have a tool to make their lives much easier! They gain a 24/7 super-helper in streamlining a zillion teacher tasks—such as attendance, grades, course planning, collaborative projects, and parent communications.

school management toolsAdministrators can instantly get a complete, real-time dashboard view of absentees, teacher schedules, students’ classes, grades, assessments and special needs—and much more.

parent portalsParents stay engaged and always in the loop on grades, assignments, attendance, events, and reports.

prospect informationProspective families get a great impression of your school and a solid understanding of what sets you apart, and can easily apply online once they decide you're a good fit.


Twine helps independent and charter schools improve family satisfaction and boost enrollment by providing professional school management tools, enabling consistent parent communications, and facilitating rich online classrooms.

Twine connects everyone to academic excellence, bringing together teachers, administrators, parents and students. As a centralized hub for everything from school news and class schedules to discussion groups, assignments, attendance, grades, and more, Twine keeps everyone engaged.


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