“With an overwhelming array of different technologies and approaches available to private schools, it’s really nice that someone has finally manged to tie them all together.”

For New Schools

Attracting the right prospects, hiring staff, opening enrollment, building a curriculum and aligning leadership: there’s a lot to do before opening your doors!

Twine Startup starts you off with a great website, intranet and admissions process: exactly the communication and collaboration tools needed while preparing to launch. Learn more…

For Operating Schools

Whether your families rave about your school and re-enroll next year depends on the relationships they build and their sense of overall satisfaction.

This is why at Twine our mission is Improving family satisfaction and maximizing enrollment. How? By making it easy to keep parents connected, helping the front office to be professional and efficient, and providing great online engagement for students. Learn more…

Free Resources

We are committed to helping you succeed!

Our free resources are a great starting point for schools that are considering how to best serve students and families, while making their schools a great place to work for teachers and staff. Learn more…


Once we decided to go with Twine I was pleasantly surprised as to how quick and helpful they were in getting us started. It really exceeded my expectations.
— Syed Balkhi, Bayaan Academy