Track student service hours without the spreadsheets

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We’re heading toward the mid-point of the school year and with that comes the paperwork and process that go along with ending one semester and starting another. The Workflows+ add-on is focused on making these tasks easier — from student balance tracking and parent-teacher conference scheduling to student community service tracking. For schools that want to track student community service … Read More

Take the time and effort out of parent-teacher conference scheduling

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You might have already read about Twine’s ability to help you with student balance tracking as part of the Workflows+ add-on, but there are several other school processes you can simplify with this add-on, including parent-teacher conference scheduling. While Twine and Edsby make communicating with parents on a regular basis easy, there’s still a place and time for parent-teacher conferences, … Read More

Tracking and collecting student tuition and fees with Workflows+

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One of the key things that makes private schools unique is the collection of tuition and fees from students and their families. This is crucial to keeping the school up and running, but can be a daunting task for school administrators.   One feature included in the Twine Workflows+ add-on is student balance tracking. From inside Twine, administrators can choose … Read More

Keeping your school community informed in an emergency

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If you’ve used Twine/Edsby for long, you probably have encountered the vast number of parent, staff, and student communication tools available to you, from groups to messaging to the class pages themselves. There are some instances, however, where it is necessary to send out an urgent text message to all parents or staff. For these situations, we have a Twine … Read More

What’s new in Twine/Edsby for Fall 2021

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With a new year comes new features and improvements to our systems, based on administrator, teacher, student and parent feedback. Online testing enhancements Question sheet sharing via content panel Teachers can now add Question Sheets to the Content area of their classes. The ability to store Question Sheets in a Class enables the teacher to share a complete course with … Read More

How one Ontario school doubled enrollment and managed the pandemic with Twine

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In 2019, St. Thomas Community Christian School (STCCS) was faced with a challenge. Another local private school was closing its doors, and many of the students were signing up to join their school. This would, in effect, double the amount of enrolled students and create some logistical challenges for the administration, including Amanda Luth, the school’s executive assistant. “We were … Read More

How Twine helped one Ontario school build community, even during a pandemic

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When Maureen Jarvis, principal of King Christian School, rolled out Twine in January 2020, she was just looking for a way to expand access to the school’s data to better serve their students. They had been working with an internal data management system that was accessible only to the school’s office administrator, meaning one person was responsible for maintaining and … Read More

How New Life Academy tackled administrative tasks and increased student enrollment 50% in their first year with Twine

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At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Aldon Shanklin opened the doors to New Life Academy for the first time and welcomed his small group of 25 K-5 scholars.  After months of making preparations for opening a new school in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring the safety of their students and working with the state to … Read More

Top Tips for Parents using Twine

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While a lot of Twine users are school employees and students, an important part of our user base is parents! Twine’s main purpose is to help make communication between schools, families and students easy and purposeful and that just can’t be done without buy-in from the families within your school community. We’ve compiled this list of help articles for the … Read More

Congratulations, Edsby!

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2021 is off to a great start for Edsby, the technology that powers Twine. Three different organizations have recently selected Edsby as the recipient of some of their highest honors.   Tech & Learning, an award-winning resource for professionals looking for ways to use technology to drive innovation in teaching and learning, expanded their annual Award of Excellence this year … Read More