Get your school’s website started in 4 steps

Ashley BellomySchool Websites

Whether you already have a school or you’re just starting up, an engaging, modern website is an essential part of your school’s marketing and communications. It allows you to show potential families what you’re all about and provides an easy way to share information with current parents and students, as well as interested community members. On the other hand, having … Read More

Build a great website for your new school with these five tips

Gary FalconSchool Websites

So, you’re starting a new school and you know you want to have a website to help promote it but maybe you’re not exactly sure what to include. The good news – and the challenge — is that your options are as wide as the time you have to. At the very least, though, strive to include the following useful … Read More

School websites are a crucial step in new school marketing

Gary FalconSchool Websites

As explained in our new school getting started guide, having a website for your school is an important step in the planning and development process. Claiming a domain that is appropriate for your school and setting up a useful website is a strategic move. There’s a little bit more to it than just tossing some information up on the internet – … Read More

Make your website do the heavy lifting for you with these tips

Gary FalconSchool Websites

Whether you’re just starting out as a new school or working on further establishing your already-existing school, a good website is crucial to your efforts. There’s a little bit more to it than just tossing some information up on the internet – think of your website as how you portray your school to the public. Here are some things to … Read More