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We’ve compiled a list of some of the best free resources for English / Language Arts teachers on the web, so you can spend more time taking advantage of what’s out there, and less time scouring the internet for what you need.

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Best English / language arts websites for teachers

English / Language Arts is a tough subject to teach because of all it encompasses: reading, writing, comprehension, phonics, spelling… the list goes on. As a result, teachers can use all the help they can get in terms of online resources, games, and activities for students.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ELA resources on the web for teachers so they can spend more time using them, and less time sifting through the internet for what they need. Check out the list below, organized by grade level:

Grades K-2


Why we like it: This site has fun games and activities based on grade level and includes letter recognition and basic reading games for the early elementary students.

EdReports Compare Materials

Why we like it: While teachers aren’t often solely responsible for textbook selection, often additional materials are purchased by teachers. This site evaluates current ELA books by their effectiveness at meeting the standards for the courses.


Why we like it: While teachers aren’t often solely responsible for textbook selection, often additional materials are purchased by teachers. This site evaluates current ELA books by their effectiveness at meeting the standards for the courses.

Empowering Teachers

Why we like it: Developed by the Florida Center for Reading Research, this site focuses on how to teach, measure, and assess reading in the early elementary classroom. The information is research-based and well-organized for easy access for teachers.


Why we like it: Online resources to help with classroom differentiation are already hard to come by, but this site takes it a step further by making it easy to use and navigate for K-2 students.

Get Ready to Read

Why we like it: Not all kindergarten students come to class with the skills they need to read. This site has at-home activities, games, and resources to help students bridge the gap and become ready for reading instruction.

PBS Learning Media

Why we like it: PBS offers games, videos, and other educational material featuring characters that many early elementary students already know and love. Hint: change the location to get resources from your local PBS station.

Read Aloud Project

Why we like it: The site might not be flashy, but provides in-depth, vetted read aloud activities to use in early education classrooms.


Why we like it: Between fun and engaging lesson plans and professional development, this site is a great jumping off point for teachers working on ELA lessons in any grade.

Storyline Online

Why we like it: Some of the most popular actors in the country reading children’s stories is a winning combination. These are fun, engaging, and a great way to expose students to more books.

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Grades 3-5

Annenberg Learner Teaching Reading Workshop

Why we like it: The workshop consists of more than 12 hours of professional development material with the option to earn graduate-level credit.

Core Knowledge

Why we like it: With many states aligning with Common Core standards to come degree, this site makes for a great resource with curriculum resources for different grade levels.


Why we like it: For those who have access to Smartboards in their classroom, this site has a great list of games and activities that utilize that technology.


Why we like it: Students enjoy showing what they know via Kahoot, and this list allows teachers to jump in without having to create their own set of quizzes.

National Geographic ELA

Why we like it: National Geographic is well-known for its educational resources, in this case, children’s books, resources and more.


Why we like it: With questions written and formatted similar to what students see on high-stakes standardized tests, ReadTheory allows students to track their progress and practice their skills. Students can start out using ReadTheory in early elementary school and continue to use it through 12th grade.


Why we like it: ReadWorks has established a set of curriculum and resources to incorporate research-driven practices into reading classrooms. Although an account is required, it is free to join.

The Reading Machine

Why we like it: These games help reinforce important reading skills while providing a source of fun for students.


Why we like it: This site has several ELA lesson plans, organized by grade level and ranging from literature to writing.

The Teacher’s Corner

  • Website: https://www.theteacherscorner.net/daily-writing-prompts/
  • Grade level / age: 3-5
  • Content area: All ELA areas

Why we like it: Getting students to practice writing on a regular basis is a crucial part of ELA curriculum, but coming up with interesting prompts can be difficult. This site has prompts for different writing levels, based on holidays, seasons, and other timely events.

Teach Hub

Why we like it: Sometimes students need low-tech ways to engage with the curriculum. This page has games and activities to use in ELA classrooms without needing computers.

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Grades 6-8


Why we like it: While teachers aren’t often solely responsible for textbook selection, often additional materials are purchased by teachers. This site evaluates current ELA books by their effectiveness at meeting the standards for the courses.


Why we like it: In addition to lesson plans, this site also have in-class and out-of-class assignments and activities for teachers to use with their students.

Literacy Design Collaborative

Why we like it: This collection of lessons is carefully standards-based and thorough, giving teachers a lot to work with, and while the majority of the content on the site is free, there are additional paid resources.

Manhattan Beach Unified School District

Why we like it: The reading lists on this site, along with some other helpful documents, really make it stand out amongst the hundreds of resources sites we’ve come across.

National Education Association

Why we like it: This site has great resources for the building blocks of ELA, words. Between books, games, and websites, this is a great collection of information.

National Gallery of Art

Why we like it: Making cross-curricular connects for writing and reading helps students make better connections and have a clearer understanding of topics.

National Novel Writers Month

Why we like it: An offshoot of the popular writing site, this offers a structured way for teachers and students to participate in NaNoWriMo.

Peace Corps Educator Resources

Why we like it: Finding unique real-world reading and writing examples is sometimes difficult, but the Peace Corps has assembled stories from around the world for educators to use.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Why we like it: With lesson plans or teaching strategies to go along, this site offers historical artifacts in a digital format that is accessible for everyone.

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Grades 9-12

826 Digital

Why we like it: In addition to a ton of teaching resources and student writing samples, this site offers a series of lessons in social-emotional areas, which are an invaluable part of modern-day education.

Educational Technology Clearinghouse

Why we like it: Technology integration is becoming more and more important, and high school students are the perfect audience for more complex technology. These lesson plans allow teachers to find ways to integrate technology into language arts.

The Learning Network

Why we like it: Created by the New York Times, the Learning Network, provides teachers lesson plans and activities that connect student to real-life issues in the news.

Library of Congress

Why we like it: The classroom materials and professional development resources on this site come from the Library of Congress’s vast collection of primary sources.

Media Smarts

Why we like it: As technology becomes more prevalent, digital literacy becomes more important, especially for teens. This site has resources to help teachers in these areas.

Project Gutenberg

Why we like it: High school ELA tends to sway more toward classic literature, much of which is available for free due to copyright expiration. This organization collects digital versions of these works in one place, making it easy for students to access them from anywhere.


Why we like it: Quill has a variety of writing tools to help make students better writers, from sentence construction to proofreading and diagnostic tests.


Why we like it: Reading comprehension is still important in high school, though it loses some teaching time to focus on writing in most high school curriculum. This site provides useful resources to help those students who need additional support with these skills.

Youth Voices

Why we like it: While many teachers strive to allow students opportunity for peer feedback, this site expands the options to connect students to peers around the country and world, giving students a large audience for their writing.

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