Simplify your school’s clubs and organizations with this tool

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With only a few more weeks left until school starts, you’re probably starting to think about how to make this year run more smoothly than the last. Outside of their regular teaching duties, one area your teachers can focus on is dealing with student clubs and organizations. As it stands, in most schools, students join a club or organization at … Read More

Gradebooks and report cards and transcripts, oh my

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These tools are so fundamental – and seem so straight-forward. Yet too often schools spend countless hours compiling grades, filling out spreadsheets and forms, building report cards in Word or Excel, and having no insight into overall school performance until the end of the term when often it is too late to intervene.  What if there were a better way?  … Read More

Simplify teacher evaluations with an LMS

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Evaluation season is here! Yes, it is that time already – the time where you frantically take notes while teachers demonstrate their teaching ability in one or two class periods. Days, weeks, even months blur together in a sea of paperwork and classroom visits and you begin to question how many teachers your school really employs.  Okay, maybe there is … Read More

Why your students have no digital life

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The youngest generation — today’s school-aged children — has never existed in a world without easily accessible internet access at their fingertips. In fact, the iPhone has been around longer than most 6th graders. Using devices as a primary means to stay in touch with friends, explore interests, for music and entertainment, and to know what is happening in the world … Read More

What is better than social media for school communications?

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Want to incorporate social media into your classroom, but have reservations about sharing your personal life with your students? You’re not alone. We recently wrote about a new study that demonstrated several benefits to teachers and students interacting in online social environments. The study found improved student-teacher relationships, increased academic motivation and performance, and positive impact to student resilience, empowerment, and commitment. … Read More

Making lessons student-centered: try these 3 tips

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The field of education has a lot of buzzwords and trends that come and go – this is not a blog about one of those things. Inquiry-based learning has been around since Socrates, although he probably didn’t call it that. It is something that teachers likely include as part of their curriculum without intentionally putting it there. It is a … Read More

Research shows social media impacts student success

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Looking for ways to improve student and parent communication, as well as student engagement and performance in your school? The answer has been at your fingertips all along. A new study suggests that students are not only willing to interact with their teachers online in social media spaces, but are motivated by these interactions. The study, which compiled previous research from the … Read More

The best of both worlds: how a combined SIS/LMS can benefit your school

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In previous posts we explained some of the major features found in two common types of school administration software: student information systems and learning management systems. (If you’re not sure what you need, our checklist can help.) What many schools find is that they need or want the features of both systems, but don’t want to deal with the daunting task of finding multiple vendors and juggling different systems … Read More

Make your school’s software transition a breeze with these four tips

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One of the biggest questions from schools taking on new school administration software is how to easily transition staff, teachers, students, and parents to the new system, particularly in the midst of a school year. It may sound like a daunting task, but with the right software vendor you’ll have the support you need to have a painless transition. Here … Read More