How Twine helped one Ontario school build community, even during a pandemic

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When Maureen Jarvis, principal of King Christian School, rolled out Twine in January 2020, she was just looking for a way to expand access to the school’s data to better serve their students. They had been working with an internal data management system that was accessible only to the school’s office administrator, meaning one person was responsible for maintaining and … Read More

How New Life Academy tackled administrative tasks and increased student enrollment 50% in their first year with Twine

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At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Aldon Shanklin opened the doors to New Life Academy for the first time and welcomed his small group of 25 K-5 scholars.  After months of making preparations for opening a new school in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring the safety of their students and working with the state to … Read More

Simplify your end-of-term process with school management software

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With the holidays right around the corner, you’re probably frantically working to wrap up things from the first semester and get things in order for winter break. Whether you are a teacher or administrator, this time of year can be stressful to say the least. While we don’t have a magic wand that will let you be in two places … Read More

For schools, timing is everything

Gary FalconLearning Management, School Management

So, you’ve decided the time has come to improve your systems:  giving your teachers great tools for parent communications; providing online classrooms to better support students; making it easy to collect attendance and generate report cards. Congrats! This is a big step toward improving your school. The next big decision: when to roll out the new system. Summer (June – … Read More

Microschools vs. Pods and how to choose which is best for your students

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With the education landscape undeniably changed this year, many parents and families are looking for innovative solutions for their children’s education. This has led to two small-school concepts growing in popularity: microschools and pods. Not sure what the differences are? Here’s the breakdown: Microschools These are typically single classroom schools, made up of fewer than 15 students of varying ages … Read More

What different types of schools are there?

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Whether you’re starting a school now or thinking about something down the road, you’ve probably seen lots of different types of schools mentioned. Depending on the relationship with the public school system, the type of administration and the affiliations, schools can take many forms. Here is a guide to a few of the different classifications of schools and what makes … Read More

5 ways to increase student retention

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As a private school, getting and retaining students is an important part of keeping the school running and students learning. Without students and families, you don’t have much of a school! If you’re having trouble keeping students from year to year or just want to try to improve your retention rates, these five tips can help.

4 steps to get your school running online

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With uncertainty about next school year looming, we wanted to provide a resource to help school leaders ensure they are prepared to deliver course materials remotely and still maintain the sense of community their schools have. Here are some tips to help get your school up and running with an online presence:  

How will you plan your school’s yearly schedule?

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If you’re thinking about how your school year will be structured at your new school, there’s a chance you’ve been thinking about how to set up semesters or other terms to best meet the needs of your students. Scheduling is one of the most challenging logistics your school will encounter as far as operations go, so spending some time thinking … Read More

10 steps to starting your private school

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Whether you’re just beginning to daydream about starting your own private school or you’re ready to take the plunge, there are a lot of considerations for you to make. Want to be sure you’re not missing any important steps? With these 10 steps, you can be on your path to owning and running the school of your dreams. Need more … Read More