4 tips to help with teacher recruitment

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As we end this year and start thinking about next year, it is time for those of you planning to open your new schools next year to start recruiting and hiring teachers. In many schools, this is the time where final evaluations are taking place and contract extensions for next year and being offered. In order to find well-qualified teachers … Read More

Pros and cons of ability-level grouping instead of grade levels

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You’ve thought about your curriculum and you know what kind of school you want to be. Things are coming together with your new school planning, but there are always new things to consider. One option you have as a private school is getting to decide how students will be grouped – by age groups, as is traditional in schools, or … Read More

Social-Emotional Learning basics for your school

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The idea that social and emotional learning is a crucial part of education isn’t a new one. SEL has been an integral part of curriculum in lower elementary grades for decades, but typically loses classtime in favor of academic instruction as students get older. Looking for a primer on what SEL is? Look no further. SEL consists of five main … Read More

Gamify your classroom with these 5 tips

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One of the educational buzzwords making its rounds over the last several years is “gamification” of learning. In short, gamification helps motivate students making curriculum and learning more like the video games that attract the attention of our students. Gamification typically entails some kind of task-based challenges with awards or recognition at the end to entice students to participate. Liz … Read More

Happy holidays from Twine

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It is hard to believe 2018 is nearly over. As the relief of winter break edges near, we’d like to take the time to wish you a wonderful and restful holiday season. Too often, teachers and school staff charge into winter break with intentions of revamping lesson plans, doing prep for next semester, or even finishing up grading and grade … Read More

Make sure you know your state’s regulations about starting a new school

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If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re somewhere along the process of starting a new school. You’ve probably spent some time envisioning what you’d like your school to be like, and maybe even begun the process of setting your school up. One thing that is absolutely crucial to your success is knowing and understanding the state regulations for opening … Read More

Switch to virtual PLCs for more efficient teachers and better results

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One of the challenges of running a small school is providing the support and professional development that allows teachers to continuously improve and stay engaged These small groups of teachers work together to identify and tackle problems within their school or district and find ways to improve their pedagogy in the process. Of course, it can be difficult for teachers … Read More

Using flexible seating to make your classrooms student-centered

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The idea of flexible seating—allowing students to sit wherever they want around the room in various types of seats from exercise balls to milk crates, to bean bag chairs — has gained some traction over the last several years. The idea is that students, especially young students, need a chance to move, fidget, and sit in different ways throughout the … Read More

Make planning your new school a breeze with Twine

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So, you’re planning to open a new school. Congrats! This adventure is hard work, but incredibly rewarding. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are quite a few steps involved in the planning process, as detailed in our guide to starting a private school. Many of these tasks entail feedback or other involvement by your team of mentors, partners, or future … Read More