April 8, 2022

11 Really Hard Questions to Ask Your Science Teacher

April 8, 2022
Ashley Bellomy

If you’re someone who enjoys asking questions, this post will definitely inspire you to keep being curious! 

Your science teachers are valuable resources – so why not spark a good talk with them?

From Physics, to Biology, to Computer Science, we’ve put together some questions which could get you and your teacher wondering about the universe we live in!

Elementary School

What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?

You might have learned that the Earth is spinning in school. You might also have learned that the spinning of the Earth causes the day and night cycle. But have you ever wondered what else is affected by the spinning of the Earth? Why not ask your teacher?

What would happen if our bodies couldn’t build bones?

In school, your teacher might have talked about how everyone has bones and how adults have 206 bones. But did your teacher talk about what would happen if someone didn’t have bones? Or if their body couldn’t build bones? Try asking!

How does code work?

You’ve probably used a phone, tablet, or computer. But have you ever wondered how it was made? Maybe you’ve heard of what code is. Maybe you’ve even heard of something called Scratch. Consider asking your teacher to explain code to you!

Middle School

How does a touchscreen know where your finger is?

Using your phone, a tablet, a touch screen computer, or a checkout with touchscreen is very common these days. But do you understand how it works? Does the screen detect your temperature or pressure? Ask your teacher in order to find out!

What would happen if we ran out of fossil fuels?

Maybe you’ve heard a lot of people talking about fossil fuels. Do you know what they are? You might know that we’re dependent on fossil fuels. But do you know what would happen if we ran out? Maybe your teacher could answer your question and your entire class could learn together!

How does color blindness work?

Do you have a friend or family member who is color blind? Or maybe you’ve seen this viral video on color correcting glasses? If you’re curious about how color blindness works, you could consider asking your teacher! See if they’ve seen the video or could figure out how the glasses work!

Why do planets orbit in an elliptical and not a circle, square or some other shape?

You’ve learned in school that planets orbit around the sun in an elliptical shape. But did your teacher explain why they orbit in an elliptical and not some other shape? Or maybe you’re wondering if there are any planets that orbit differently. Go ahead – ask your teacher and find out!

High School

What is an autoimmune condition?

Maybe a friend or a family member has an autoimmune condition, like Type 1 Diabetes or Psoriasis. But maybe you were too scared to ask them what the condition meant. Consider asking your teacher instead! You’ll learn new things about how our immune system works!

If we can freeze eggs, why can’t we cryo-freeze humans yet?

Have you heard of people freezing their eggs so they can delay having children? Maybe you’ve thought about why we can’t apply the same principles to humans as well, like in some science fiction movies. Asking your teacher is a great way to find out and have a memorable talk!

How come we can grow plants without soil, like in hydroponics?

When you were younger, you might have learned that many plants need soil in order to grow. Over the last few years, the hydroponics movement has grown. But maybe you don’t understand it as well as you’d want to. Enlist your teacher’s help to find out how it works!

Why are only certain things recyclable and not others?

You probably recycle in your home! But do you ever wonder why certain things, like cloth, are not recyclable? Additionally, not all plastics are recyclable either. If you’re curious about why, consider asking your teacher who might be able to explain how recycling works!

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