August 22, 2018

Increase family engagement with a school management system

August 22, 2018
Gary Falcon
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As a new school year starts, schools and families return to their normal routines. Teachers send out welcome letters to parents and talk to students about class expectations, and parents have the same “What did you do at school today” conversations with their children.

What if you could change up this whole routine to get parents and students more engaged as active participants in the school community?

Back-to-school is the best time to think about parent and student communication. You and your teachers are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and you’ve got an excited batch of new and returning families literally at your door. What better way to start on the right foot than by making communication a priority from day one?

A school management system, like Twine, makes communication among students, teachers, staff, and parents as easy as a click of a button. Here are just a few of the ways you can get better engagement with less time spent on things like newsletters and pamphlets:

  • Parents can view student grade, attendance and schedule information, as well as announcements from the school and individual teachers through a single portal. They can even view multiple students at a time, with all of their children’s info in one spot.
  • Students can see upcoming tests and assignments, ask questions, get help from classmates and access extra learning resources from their course pages. They can even complete and submit homework right in their portal – so no more excuses about pets eating homework!
  • Teachers and staff can get important messages to families, including mass announcements about school events and activities, as well as individual messages about class progress, grades, or assignment feedback.

There are dozens of other great features that can help your school build a sense of community and keep families involved. Want to know more about how Twine can help your school? Contact us and let us show you what we can do!

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