New Twine Features for Fall 2019

Gary FalconProduct Features

Gradebook with new columns

Our 2019-2020 update includes a range of new features & enhancements.

Assessment enhancements

New picker for expectations/standards/outcomes/competencies

Twine provides teachers with convenient access to curriculum-based expectations/standards/outcomes/competencies (ESOCs). Previously there was one interface available in assessments, lessons and units, and a different user interface in Evidence. Each had particular strengths. We now provide a single picker that combines the best of both previous mechanisms:

  • Designed to work well on mobile and regular browsers
  • Enables the teacher to select items at any level of the hierarchy
  • Provides a convenient way to show/hide any part of the hierarchy
  • Enables the teacher to easily find and access ESOCs from other subjects and grade levels
  • Provides a handy text search


ESOC Picker

Scoring ESOCs at any level

Many teachers love the using the ESOC tab in the Perspective to see how a student is progressing against the curriculum and to even score students and/or make observations.  In the past, teachers could only score items in the lowest level of the curriculum hierarchy. We now enable teachers to score anywhere in the hierarchy. This enables teachers to apply their professional judgment as they track how students are performing overall on general learning goals.


Flexible gradebook summary columns

The Twine gradebook has been enhanced so that a wide range of new summary columns can be turned on in a teacher’s gradebook. An example of what this looks like:

Gradebook with new columns

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Learning evidence enhancements

Copy from Class feed to Evidence

Twine now provides a convenient way for a teacher to capture a contribution made by a student in the class feed as an Evidence item. The teacher simply hovers on the student contribution in question and selects a new “Add to Evidence” link. An Evidence item is created for the student, and the text of the contribution is captured in the “Conversational Evidence…” field.

Adding evidence of learning from feed

Full screen view of Learning Story media

Media contained in evidence items shared with students and parents via a Learning Story can now by viewed in full screen mode by clicking on the photo in the Learning Story view. A new tab is opened up to display the media. This works for teachers as well in their view of the Learning Story.

Add Learning Story item to Portfolio

The Learning Story has been enhanced to enable students to be able to add a Learning Story item to their Portfolio.

Class enhancements

Twine classes provide dynamic collaborative spaces for students and teachers along with a powerful suite of tools that enable teachers to manage a wide range of classroom activities. New class features for 2019 include:

New class role options for staff assigned to a class

Previously, all staff added manually or automatically to an Edsby class had the same capabilities within the Edsby class. Edsby now provides four choices for the role a staff member has within a class:

  • Teacher: Same capabilities as before
  • Support: Same as teacher except no access to report cards in the class
  • Substitute: Can take attendance and post in the feed, but can’t access academic information such as the gradebook, evidence, perspective, etc.
  • Observer: Read-only access to everything. Does not get listed in the “Teachers” panel for the class.

Staff roles

Add staff to class

The Classes Zoom has been enhanced to provide administrators with a convenient way to add a staff member to multiple classes at once. Filter the Classes list to the desired subset (all Phys Ed classes, or all classes taught by Mr. Jones for example) and then choose “Add staff” from the menu dropdown to select staff to add along with the role they should have within the class.

Add staff to classes

Attendance enhancements

Attendance planned absence confirmation

When parents submit a planned absence in Twine for their child, they now receive a confirmation message back indicating the request has been received. The notification also now provides a way for the parent to be able to cancel the planned absence, which couldn’t be done previously.

Notification enhancements

Simplified parent notification setup

In 2017 and 2018, we introduced powerful notification options for parents to receive updates on a variety of things related to their child’s (or children’s) progress at school. However it required the parent to know to go into the notifications setup panel to enable the specific notifications. Twine now provides a simplified notifications option for parents when they activate their account for the first time in a new school year.