November 15, 2021

Take the time and effort out of parent-teacher conference scheduling

November 15, 2021
Ashley Bellomy
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You might have already read about Twine’s ability to help you with student balance tracking as part of the Workflows+ add-on, but there are several other school processes you can simplify with this add-on, including parent-teacher conference scheduling.

While Twine and Edsby make communicating with parents on a regular basis easy, there’s still a place and time for parent-teacher conferences, where you can meet with parents for deeper discussions. Scheduling conferences can be time-consuming for both parents and teachers and leaves everyone scrambling to be at the right place at the right time — even more so for parents with multiple children and children with multiple teachers.

With Workflows+, you can do all of your parent-teacher scheduling right inside of Edsby, with an intuitive and clear process that is made up of four steps:

1. School administrators create a schedule of days and times that conferences will be held, as well as the length of the time slots and the classes/teachers that will be included.

2. This then gets passed to teachers, who can modify the schedule to accommodate appointments they might already have, breaks, or anything else they might need to adjust for. Teachers can also add notes to help guide the conversations and schedule appointments for parents directly, if needed.

3. You can then open scheduling to parents. Parents can see all available slots for each of their children and their teachers on one page, making it easy to create a schedule of meetings that works for them and allows time to speak with everyone they might need to meet with. Parents are then given an easy-to-read summary of their appointments and where they are taking place, so there’s no confusion when the day comes.

4. Once the timeframe for sign-ups has passed, you can close the registration period so parents can no longer add or change their appointments. School administrators and teachers can still make changes on the behalf of parents during this time, if necessary.

Rather than sending tons of back-and-forth emails with parents to find a good time to meet, having long lines outside classrooms for parents waiting their turn or printing pages of information to send home with students, the parent-teacher conference scheduling tool in Workflows+ makes the process simple and easy.

For more information on Workflows+ and the features that are included: see our demo video.

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