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Perfect for Private Schools, Academies, and Charter Schools

Imagine: software that simplifies all the essential functions your school needs. From parent communications to online classrooms, Twine connects it all and makes running your school easier.

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Twine Simplifies Your Administration, While Keeping Parents & Students Engaged

Parent Communications

Informed parents become engaged parents and engaged parents can supercharge your school.

Websites & Admissions

A high-impact website attracts students while Twine makes admissions easy.

School Management

Twine makes it easy for teachers and administrators to do everything they need to do.

Online Classrooms

Educate, collaborate, and discuss with integrated online classrooms powered by Twine.

Software That Simplifies & Empowers Your School

Attract students, satisfy parents, and grow your school! With Twine, we keep the administration easy so you can focus on other things.

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Keep Parents Happy: Parent Communications

How do you keep parents happy? Ensure they are in the loop with what is happening day-to-day, what is coming up for their kids, and how their children are doing.

The key to regular, meaningful communications is making it simple and fun for teachers. When class updates are as easy and frequent as Facebook posts, everybody wins.

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Parent Communications

Attract the Right Prospects: Websites & Admissions

To be successful you need students, and your website is your most visible recruitment tool.

Twine websites, with integrated admissions forms, help you to be clear, professional, organized, and accessible on any computer or phone — making it easy to tell your story and attract the people who will become your school community.

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Admissions Websites

Our easy onboarding & excellent support will get you up & running in under two weeks!

Reduce Stress: School Management

You expect the best from your staff. Help them create time for the things that matter most — working with students & parents, innovating, and planning — by taking the burden out of mundane tasks.

From attendance and report cards to lesson plans, schedules and announcements, Twine makes it easy and efficient for teachers and administrators to do everything they need to do.

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School Management

Increase Student Engagement: Online Classrooms

You know kids enjoy technology and use it extensively in their private lives. Innovative schools and teachers are using this to their advantage.

By providing secure online forums to augment traditional classes, you create opportunities for students to ask better questions, step up to help their peers, and become self-sufficient.

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Online Classrooms

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