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Twine empowers your school with a website that serves multiple roles: it informs parents, educates students, and helps encourage enrollment by making it easy to do online.

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Your Website is Your First Impression: What is It Saying About Your School?

For most prospective families – as well as potential staff – your website creates the first impression for your school. That website needs to be clear, professional, well-organized and accessible on any browser, phone, or tablet. Twine websites provide all this and more, making it easy to tell your story and attract the people who will become your school community.

Twine websites for schools

Twine Makes Your Website Easy

Great Design- It’s Easy!

You want a custom-designed look that represents your school, but may not want the hassle, cost or time commitment of working with a high-end designer. We help bridge that gap with:

  • Professionally-designed starter templates, fully adapted with colors and visuals specific to your school
  • Recommended site navigation, designed to help website visitors find what they need quickly and easily
  • Fantastic onboarding, with a dedicated helper to guide you in getting your website running beautifully

Present Your Best

Having out-of-date or irrelevant content on your website is guaranteed to turn away prospects and leave visitors thinking your school isn’t well run. But who has time or personnel to dedicate to website updates? Twine makes it easy to keep the website up to date by:

  • Selectively publishing events right from your master school calendar, which is used and updated daily by office staff
  • Presenting dynamic news feeds, that are as easy and quick to update as social media sites your staff are already using
  • Allowing designated staff to update different pages, so your athletics director doesn’t need to track down your webmaster each time there are scores to update

Our easy onboarding & excellent support will get you up & running in under two weeks!

Let Twine Build Your School’s Website

Trust your web presence to industry experts passionate about helping schools like yours.

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Other Ways Twine Helps Schools

Parent Communications

Informed parents become engaged parents and engaged parents can supercharge your school.

Websites & Admissions

A high-impact website attracts students while Twine makes admissions easy.

School Management

Twine makes it easy for teachers and administrators to do everything they need to do.

Online Classrooms

Educate, collaborate, and discuss with integrated online classrooms powered by Twine.

We're Proud to Help You Do the Work That Matters

Working with educators and parents is both challenging and rewarding. We'd love to work with you to help your school simplify and grow.

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